coming soon… the welcome magazine

You are seeing right. There have been some changes here on the site. We took one step forward and then two backwards with the functionality of the site and so we need to work even harder to get it all back running. The best thing is with the new design the Jennifer Hejna shop here on the site is back and working. (big firework emoji)

It took me almost a year of trying out different things and designs: one crashed the blog, the other one didn’t show galleries and the last one that was so pretty had issues with our shop. I was so fed up with it. Luckily I found a way to incorporate a perfect theme to our wordpress site (yes I am a nerd and I always want to be able to change my site when I need to so no agency just me and wordpress and some theme and code and there the night goes by).

I hope you enjoy the new look. Some galleries are not 100% ready yet but I hope you enjoy what you can see so far.

“Done is better than perfect.” – Sheryl Sandberg

So with the news design I am also super excited that we have some news products in the pipeline (big firework emoji again).

The first product in my shop was the welcome kit. It is a package that is based on the welcome package that we’ve sent to our clients in the past years after they booked us. This year we decided we would change it up a litte after so many years and the result was a whole magazine containing 48 pages and a lot of information for the bride and groom. It contains of course the pages that we already know from the welcome kit like:

  • the first look
  • for the bride
  • for the groom
  • tips for your day
  • recommendations
  • the engagement shoot

But over the years I realized there are still some topics that I talk with each and every couple about and that should be part of the welcome package that they receive as well.

  • outfit tips for the engagement session
  • what if it rains?
  • group pictures
  • other cameras on the wedding day
  • more about us as photographers
  • us behind the camera
  • after the wedding (the process)
  • wedding portraits during the four seasons
  • shooting the details

I am so so so excited that we finally finished the pretty magazine for our 2018 couples. At the same time I cannot wait to offer this magazine as a template to other photographers. The „Welcome Magazine“ will be available in German first (let me know if you want it in a different language) and it will be ready to use in InDesign and Photoshop. All layered and easy to use with all texts prewritten (only the about you text needs to be written by yourself).

The „Welcome Magazine“ is going to launch in the first week of September. So if you want to make sure you are among the first to buy it and you want to profit from the early bird reduction, make sure to sign up for my newsletter.

PS: the magazine can easily printed with an online printer, so no individual printing from your side!