Wedding Wednesday: weiperfriseure

You are right, there are still a lot of people missing for my Wedding Wednesday series. I knew right when we got engaged that Janina Weiper would do my bridal hair and make-up. She also did my hair for our civil wedding. Janina is a big talent when it comes to hair making everything look creative, professional and carefree at the same time. Janina and I worked for a lot of wedding together where I took the photos and she prepared the bride for the wedding. When we talked about my hair design weeks before the wedding we talked about the brides that we knew and she came up with a very creative and beautiful approach that I loved instantly.

While Janina was at my home preparing me and my mom her team prepared all my girls for the big day. They all looked so amazing and all with different hair matching their haircut and their personality.

Below are some pictures of my getting ready with my mum and my girl gang and of course Merlin (the orange cat) who was as excited as I was that morning.

People ask me if it wasn’t stressful to have so many people in the house and no, I just loved it. There was life, there was love, there was laughter and there were some happy tears I wouldn’t have spent this morning on my wedding without these people.

All these images by me and my mum

All images below by Julia Schick