2011 Terugblik Bruiloften: De voorbereidingen van de bruid



I wish you all a fantastic year 2012 full of health, love and happiness.

2011 has been a wonderful and exciting year for me and I am very grateful for all my couples who allowed me to be part of their special day and their lives. I am also thankful for all the new people that I met in 2011 and those who became new friends.

2011 has been a year of learning and thinking about defining my style. I had to realize how hard it is to find a style and actually find words that describe it. The definition of a style is a process that, from my point of view, doesn’t just end. It is a constant process of improvements and new inspirations. I am not afraid of changes as long as they feel right but I am afraid of putting myself out here and writing about it. Finding a style is very personal and when you look around you see so many photographers who found their style and stand behind it and often I catch myself looking at others and comparing myself or feeling jealous somebody else found it and I am still searching. The more you compare yourself the more you get lost from your own way and the harder it is to find it back. So I started focussing on the things I like, the things that move me and what I want others to „feel“ when they see my pictures. I wrote and wrote and found a lot of things that didn’t fit me and didn’t fit my style.  Finally I defined four words that define the style I want to show: elegant, emotional, natural and intimate. These words might be subject to change in a while to find more specific words, words that narrow it down even more. But for now I think this is a great point to start with.

I want to start of this year with a little view back to 2011.  I decided to make this a little series with 8 episodes.

The first episode is called: Wedding Review 2011 -  „Getting Ready“ . I chose these pictures as these pictures show my four words. Not all of these weddings have been on my blog yet – so see it as a little sneak peek what is coming soon. I limited myself to only show 10 pictures.

Keep an eye on the blog tomorrow I will show my top 10 ring shots of 2011.



I love the pure picture showing the anticipation and last quiet, intimate moment before the bride sees her groom for the first time

The grace and elegance when a bride finishes her preparations.

The two pictures belong together and show all four words: intimate, natural, emotional and elegant

The intimate moment full of elegance when the mother of the bride closes the wedding dress.

I love using mirrors during the getting ready to underline the elegance and intimacy of the moment.

I am very lucky with beautiful light. Light that emphasizes the natural moment of the bride doing her own make up.

I ask all women who help with the dress to get dressed beforehand to make sure nobody will be in jeans or sweatpants and to assure simply elegant pictures.

I love the happiness and emotions during the getting ready.

Natural grace of a bride getting her make-up done.

The elegant finishing touch that every bride needs.