Hi that’s me


Friday Introductions: Hi there I am Jennifer, or Jenny like most of the people call me. I am a Leo born end of July and though I am a summer child I have the palest skin. Actuality my skin is so pale it never changes it's colour. My hair is naturally red and [...]

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Summer Wedding at Haus Ruhr | C&T


Last summer we photographed the beautiful day of Claudia and Tristan at Haus Ruhr. Haus Ruhr is a wedding location close to Münster that has opened two years ago and since then we are always happy to photograph weddings at this stunning location. Claudia got ready at the old chateau together with her [...]

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Autumn wedding | Bianca and Uwe


Guys, there are days where I love being a wedding photographer and there are days where I LOOOOOVE being a wedding photographer. After the lovely afternoon with Bianca and Uwe for their engagement session, it was already clear that photographing their wedding day would be fun. When we arrived at the little castle [...]

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28th of October


Hi there, It is the 28th of October and this marks a few special moments. First it is a little longer ago than two years that Conrad proposed to me and it is exactly one year ago since we had our civil wedding. It was a rainy cold day but we had so [...]

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what is coming next?


Within the next few weeks, we are about two launch two brand new guides. The rain guide Have you ever found yourself on a wedding day with pouring rain and no idea on how to take beautiful portraits of the wedding couple? The "Rainy day photography guide - a guide for wedding photographers" [...]

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Wedding at Schloss Nordkirchen | Katrin & Franz


Happy Friday everyone. Today I have a wedding for you from last summer. Katrin and Franz live in the South of Germany but decided to get married close to Katrin's hometown. Schloss Nordkirchen seemed like a great location as, what I learned that day, they don't have many castles to get married in [...]

Wedding at Schloss Nordkirchen | Katrin & Franz2017-09-21T15:39:22+00:00

The welcome magazine


Exciting times! The Welcome Magazine is about to launch next week. Here is a tiny glimpse inside the magazine. The magazine will be available in my shop as a template for wedding photographers. Just add your images and name and you are ready to send a professional welcome magazine to your wedding [...]

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