3 things that I learned from relaunching my site during the most busy season of the year

Some call me crazy and every wedding photographer around me raises an eyebrow looking at me saying „You are relaunching you blog during the wedding season?“ and I know what they think. Either they think I am totally crazy or they think I am just not booked enough. Well I can tell you two things: I might be a little crazy as I relaunched within one month next to having 8 weddings at the same time. It was an extreme situation but the great things about extreme situations is that when they are over you are proud of yourself that you made it through this period of time and you see clearly what this situation has thought you for life.  Here are 3 lessons I learned from the past four weeks of relaunching:

1) You are stronger than you think.

The longer the list is becoming the stronger you will become and the more you will accomplish. They say you grow with your tasks and that is exactly the point: You have to challenge yourself to see what you are capable of. You will surprise yourself how much you can do when it needs to be done. Do you know this one day before you leave on your vacation? Your to-do list is the longest in the whole year and somehow you get everything done. Why shouldn’t you be able to do this on any other day of the year? You are stronger than you think.

2) You need a team.

No matter how strong you are, find a team around you to help you. If you don’t have employees or a partner in your business then hire a Virtual Assistant for administrative stuff or a web designer and webmaster for your site. Delegate as much as possible from your plate to somebody else because like that you get double as much done than doing it all on your own.

3) Take a moment to breathe

You can only give your best when you take moments for yourself. Treat yourself with a moment for yourself: read a book, have some nice dinner, go running or whatever makes you relax and feels like a treat not a to-do on your list. If you only work and never take a minute off you will stumble and fall. We are all human and we need to recharge our batteries to be strong and get re-inspired. Don’t underestimate this point, a lot of young entrepreneurs do and a burnout is the conclusion.