4 tips to work focussed in a busy surrounding

The past month has been #tough, #funny, #effective, #busy, #crowded #energizing  well a little bit of everything. On the busiest days we were working at the office with 5 people and I can tell you it was busy, busy, busy having so many people around in one room. When I started this exciting journey of entrepreneurship it was just me and sometimes that felt a little quiet and lonely. The opposite of having so many people around me though often makes it hard to work focussed. Even if you don’t have a team around you did you ever try to work on a train or in a crowded coffee house? Well then you know what I mean, the voices and talks, the sounds of coffee cups clinging, mobiles and phones ringing, the sound of eating and drinking people, the chats, the discussions the typing sound of people writing. Well that all goes on in your head how on earth would you be able to stay focussed and work on your stuff in this surrounding?

Here are my few tips that help me work focussed in a busy surrounding:

  • Use headphones

This is my first but as the same time the most important tip. Invest in a good pair of headphones so the rest of the office/ train / coffee house will be just a silent film and you don’t hear anything but a great playlist that makes you work effectively and focussed. I personally listen to spotify all the time as it allows me to just choose the type of music or playlist that I need. My favorite pair of headphones are the noise canceling headphones from BOSE – you wont hear anything (don’t use them in traffic!).

  • Have a list

You cannot focus if you have nothing to focus on. So be prepared and write yourself a good to-do list that you can accomplish without hurdles.

  • Switch off social media

Social media as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. is the most distracting thing. It is just too easy to head over and look at funny cat videos instead of focussed working. SWITCH IT OFF – and you will see you get more done in less time.

  • Explain others that you are unavailable

This is more important for the office situation but the moment you have your headphones on and you work focussed on something the people that work with you should know that now is not a good time to ask questions. Headphones on = your focus time. The moment you take them off again you are available to discussions, questions, comments and even chatting. Like this you ensure that you stay in your „focus bubble“ as long as possible and get your to do list done in just a flash of a moment even in a crowded surrounding!