5 things to do to be a happier person today

5 things to do to be happier today by jennifer hejna_0002

Let’s start honestly: I am a quite moody person. I don’t like to be a moody persona but honestly I just cannot change it. Meaning that I have good moods and bad moods too. And every time I am in a bad mood and the person’s next to me like Conrad do feel it from my grumpy answers and my negative behaviour I wish I could change it. I think the more I practise being just a positive person the more I will become a truly positive person with no mood shifts and negative thoughts. That is why I wanted to share my ideas on how to become a happier person – starting right now! Being positive is not about living the perfect life. Being positive is about choosing to see the positive things and seeing good things even if something negative happens. The last part honestly is the hardest for me, but I am doing my best. Hope and positivity is the key to live a happier life.

So if you are like me suffering from mood swings and need some body to get you out of that black whole today back into the sunshine:

Here are my five steps to live happier today.

1. Don’t compare yourself to other’s

This has been said a million times and I truly think this is so important that it needs to be the first point on this list. And it is as simple as it sounds „JUST STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS“. It doesn’t help you, it doesn’t encourage you it will just show you what you haven’t accomplished yet instead of what you have. The thing is we never compare ourselves to persons that do as good as we do or even less, we always compare ourselves to the one’s who made it and who are a few steps further in the process. Stop it and you will feel better. If it is too hard for unfollow those persons or companies that evoke in you negativity because you feel like a failure compared to them. Just follow them if they honestly inspire you to be better in a positive way.

2. Write down your goals

Often we get negative thoughts because we feel lost. Write down your goals and make a plan how to achieve them. This will give you a perspective and inspire you to catch your dreams. A dream and the plan to make it become true will fire you up and make you happier.

3. Surround yourself with positive people

Surround yourself only with people that have a positive influence on you. Avoid everybody who is just complain, moan, gossip and specially those who make you feel small and like a failure. Just avoid them. Having positive people around you will make you a more positive person and help you live happy now.

4. Create a „happy“ box.

Create a nice box or a glass with a box around it and every time you receive a nice message, a great testimonial or just a friend sending you a lovely sms, write it down with the name of the sender and the date and add it to your box. You will love to read those notes when you have a bad day and they will cheer you up.

5. Can you change it? Will it be the end?

Every time something negative happens, specially if it  unexpected, think about if you can change it and how negative it is. Will it be the end or will you maybe learn something from it? Often we cannot see the positive effect of bad things right in the moment when they are happening. But learning or changing the behaviour because something happened to you can also be a lesson and you will take something positive from it later. The earlier you will try to see that positive thing that could be behind a negative happening, the earlier you will feel happy again.