Hi that’s me

Friday Introductions: Hi there I am Jennifer, or Jenny like most of the people call me. I am a Leo born end of July and though I am a summer child I have the palest skin. Actuality my skin is so pale it never changes it’s colour. My hair is naturally red and as you can see on this picture I have a thing for red lipstick as well. July next year not only marks my 35th birthday but also my 10 year business anniversary. Back then I started my own photography business and never looked back to going back to work. In 2015 I started my second business @meinmonogramm.de which has now an ambitious team working and sending personalized products through all of Germany and Europe. I could eat spinach every day, I love coffee and green tea and the perfect evening ends with a glass of red wine or champagne. Europe is my home and I speak German, Dutch, French and English. Still trying to get rid of my German accent in all of them. Today I live with my husband in my home town where we both met almost 17 years ago. I am a storyteller at heart and I talk a lot and very quickly. When the day is over and I don’t spend all my words that I could use for talking that day I like to write them down. I have a thing for contemporary romance novels and you could say my kind of mediation is reading books. Some weeks I read a book per day… don’t judge me please I am addicted. So welcome here to my little corner in this digital world.