A backyard wedding with Spanish Flair | Alex & Christian

In Germany it is still common for bridal couples to get married in a church. Though young couples more and more decide to get a free ceremony instead of blessings from God. In August 2012 I had the honour to photograph the wedding of Alex & Christian in the backyard of the Spanish restaurant La Provincia in Münster. They met 6 years ago through a friend. They started dating is secret to cherish the moments together and to first see if they belong to each other.

They love to sit in cafés with friends or just the two of them enjoying to laugh together and talking about life with a chai latte in their hands. During the winter you will find them during the afternoon in the cinema because the cinema is empty then they say with a smile. They live their life with passion for cooking and for Spain and they don’t want to predict what the future will bring. They want to life as it comes being open for everything. Kira from Liebeswerk told their story during the ceremony and filled eyes with tears and the garden with laughter. It was a truly personal and touching story with music the couple chose in advance and surprises from their closest friends. After the ceremony we went to their favorite cafe to capture their wedding portraits in a surrounding that fitted them and their beautiful unconventional life.

It was an honour to be part of your wedding day Alex and Christian. Thanks for being open to my rather unconventional ideas for your wedding pictures and to trust me so much. We still have to meet for a Chai Latte at Tante August to see your wedding picture hung on the wall and remember your beautiful day.

Garden for Ceremony and Reception La Provincia
Free Ceremony held by Kira from Liebeswerk
Location for dinner Treff Hotel
Location for portraits Tante August
Wedding Dress Pronovias
Make-Up and Hair Daniela Plesser
Wedding Cake Cafe Kleimann Münster
Wedding Photography Jennifer Hejna Photography

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