A classic autumn wedding in Münster | Lydia & Peter

Lydia and Peter tied the knot at the end of September last years. It was one of those days where you are not sure if it is still summer or already autumn and the nature starts to turn their colors. It has been a beautiful day with a ceremony at the Lotharinger Kloster and the celebration at the Sudmühlenhof in Münster. When I first met Lydia and Peter we spent a whole evening drinking tea and chatting about photography and Münster. Being true lovers of the city of Münster they both drive by bike everywhere they go and even spend more than one hour in the train to get to work. They spend their Saturdays on the huge local food market where every true Münster lover will be found on a Saturday – no matter if it rains or the sun shines. On a Sunday you will find them together at Cafe Kleimann to enjoy the best cake of the city – so it was no surprise that their wedding cake was made by Cafe Kleimann. Even the beautiful wedding dress of Lydia was made by a local wedding dress designer „Das Brautatelier„.

Lydia and Peter thanks for being so much fun to work with it was a pleasure and honor to capture your special day.


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