A first time – one of my pictures on the cover of a magazine

There is a first time for everything. There are first times where you learn something, first times that make you nervous, first times that don’t make you want a second time, first times that make you want to think why it took you so long, first times that just surprise you but there is one thing you never forget – a first time.

I wont forget the afternoon my good friend Mareike wrote me a message „I am holding a wedding magazine in my hands and I could be mistaken but I think your picture is on the cover.“ I was beyond excited as I just missed a parcel that day and it was impossible on a Sunday to get to the nearest magazine store to see if she was right she had to send me picture with her iphone. This was a first time that totally got me by surprise, I was beyond happy and proud and  even if I know a second time can never be as exciting as this first time of having a picture on the cover of a magazine I hope it was not the last time.

*If you want to see the wedding of this beautiful bride Mieke just click here.