A piece of my heart…

When I came to France for the first time I was a kid and opposing to my brother and the other children that were on the same campsite I tried to learn the language with a little yellow translation book. I went every morning to buy baguette and croissants  for our family and was beyond proud that I could do all of that in French.

When I came to France the second time I stayed for the whole summer. I visited the cousin of my aunt who had my age. I spent some weeks with her in France and she spent some weeks with me in Germany to learn each other’s languages.

When I came to France the third time I stayed for longer. I stayed at my aunts home and went to the French lycee. This time I visited Paris for the very first time – and fell in love. It was the 12th of September 2001 – a day almost everybody can remember as it was one day after the 9/11 .

I visited my aunt and Caen and Paris several times and I always knew I would come a fourth time.

When I came to France the fourth time I went directly to Paris to do an internship for 6 months. My heart was home.

Every time we come back to Paris my heart beats a little faster, I soak in everything in French, I try to speak as much as I can in the French language and just enjoy the vibe of this beautiful city.

As my heart belongs to a bigger part to Conrad than to this city we don’t live in Paris – I just love to go back there and enjoy a piece of savoir-vivre every now and then to say „A la prochaine fois“ when we leave again.