A Pink Wedding in Utrecht | Janneke & Bart

Wedding themes or a colour for the day makes it easy for couples to determine all details and decoration. This wedding of Janneke and Bart in Utrecht had the wedding theme „A touch of pink“. If you know Janneke and Bart and their tiny house in Utrecht you would not be surprised about their choice. When you visit them in their tiny old house in Utrecht you are welcomed in a colourful surrounding with decoration and details everywhere. So pink was just the perfect choice for their wedding theme. When I arrived in the morning of their wedding two pairs of pink wedding high heels welcomed me together with endless pink details.

The couple met 10 years ago at University. It wasn’t love at first sight but after one night together they became seriously interested in each other and two weeks later they became a couple. Living together and apart in the past ten years in different European countries made their relationship strong and stable so Janneke couldn’t wait any longer and proposed to Bart on their vacation to Palma.

The bright wedding theme was perfectly executed with a pink Tuk-Tuk as their vehicle being the highlight of the day. It was a big pleasure for me to capture this colorful day, drive all day with Janneke and Bart in their pink Tuk-Tuk through Utrecht and see them enjoying their day with family and friends. The bride changed several times between her two pairs of wedding shoes – each of them perfect for a pink wedding day.

Wedding Location: De Nonnerie

Painter of wedding event: Feest in Verve

Tuk Tuk: Citytuk


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