A print stays longer

Can I just get a CD ? This is a discussion clients always start. What are you doing with the images then ? Is my answer. Modern technical media allow us to share images in clouds and on social media. They help us conserve the images in a digital space that is immune to fire and thunderstorms. We have iPads and iPhones to look at the images and swipe through events and moments. I am a huge fan of this development but there is something about a print that makes it different from a swiping finger on a glossy screen.

My grandfather left us a treasure after his death. A treasure of images captured in a cigar box. I love looking through all those little yellow images with the white border as they tell me the story of a time that I cannot imagine living in. A time when my grandma worked on the fields and drove a tractor, a time when my grandfather  busdriver driving through Europe without navigation system and any mobile device.

These images mean a lot to me and when I capture a wedding day I want the grandchildren of my clients to look at those old images and tell on their story. Maybe their grandchildren laugh about the fact that we had iPads and smartphones who knows how the technical development moves on ? The only thing I know is, print never goes out of fashion and when not being destroyed by a fire or a thunderstorm it will last forever without worrying if you have the right technical device to open the digital images.

PS and if there is a fire or a thunderstorm I am very glad that the online revolution offers us clouds and online storage to save your images digitally as well.

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