A wedding at Sportschloss Velen | Katharina & Stefan

They met 10 years ago in the bank where he was working as a junior financial consultant. As destiny is waiting sometimes on those places where we don’t expect it Stefan got the appointment to advise Katharina about her financial assets and bank accounts.  After an intense consultation about finances where he was sweating and working really hard with his boss standing all the time behind him to see how good he would consult the client she didn’t buy one products, she even terminated all agreements and bank accounts with their bank. This was for sure not the best start into a good relationship. A year later at the local marksmen’s festival of the village they both come from they met again. And somehow they ended after the official celebration at the marksmen’s champions home to end the night with baked eggs where she rescued him from the schnaps.  And even though being both a little tipsy they walked their way to their parent’s home together for 2 km – ending with their first date set for the next week. Three months later they were officially a couple joining and leaving since then the annually marksmen’s match every year together though living together at a different city.

So it was no surprise they got married in their little village where they met 10 years ago celebrating with all friends and families from the former times in the village and new friends from now. I am sure this night ended with baked eggs and schnaps at the house of one of their parents but we and the camera’s didn’t capture that part of the night.

What I loved most about the wedding of Katharina and Stefan was their anticipation to see each other in the morning and their wedding day being totally them. They didn’t try to follow any trends they just enjoyed this warm summer day at their home village relaxed and above all in love.


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