A weekend in Luxembourg

As we walked hand in hand through the old town and enjoyed a moment for us in a city we were about to discover I just wanted to stop the time. It was a perfect moment. This city smelled like summer and sun and we heard people around us speaking 110 different languages. „We need a guide“, I told him, as I always need a book of the cities we visit. At least to know where to get a good glass of wine. We stepped into a little book store and I asked in French for a guide. As I came short in words and the old man recognized we were Germans he started speaking German to us – without any accent. Looking around me in the small store I could find books in four languages in just one glance and maybe that was the moment I lost my heart for Luxembourg. Burgundian lifestyle with all my spoken languages, beautiful weather and food from Belgium, France and Germany. I was in love that was true. How could I never thought about this little city in the heart of Europe.
We kept on walking until my feet got blisters (which wasn’t really long as I was stupid enough to walk in my new shoes), and soaked in the international atmosphere and the impressions of a city so full of history. I am sure this wasn’t the last time we went on a „petite vacance“ to Luxembourg – the heart of Europe.












well yes… I had a bad hair day (yes the lion on the picture below that’s me) but it was 35 degrees so whose hair is going to behave with weather like that ?