Award Nomination in the Netherlands

I know it has been quiet here. We moved and like always it takes a while to get the internet running again and then there were some technical problems on my website so I really couldn’t blog.

So I am back with very good news. The Dutch magazine Bruid & Bruidegom (also known in Germany as Braut & Bräutigam) announced the nominations of the „Bruidsfoto Award 2013“ and I am beyond proud and happy to tell you that one of my images has been nominated in the category „Reception“ (Taart & Toast).

Please go to the website of the magazine and vote for my image ! Just click the link here.

The website is in Dutch and I hope you will find your way. If you are not a photographer you click „Publieksprijs“ and if you are a photographer you just click „Vakprijs“.

For hobby photographers it might be interesting to know that you can win a  Canon EOS 600D.

You have to chose 3 images in each category (my picture is in the last category) and then you just have to fill in you details and that’s it.

I really appreciate every single vote !!!! So please vote for my image.