Be yourself

Do you know that feeling: looking around seeing everybody doing better than you do ? When seeing others editing you feel like you have to change to be like them ? Seeing the posts of other photographers that they already booked 20 weddings for next year and you feel like a failure because you just have 10 ? You see yourself in a pond of wedding photographers all doing the same and you don’t know how to be different but at the same time you want to be like those few photographers who seem to be „successful“.

Believe me – everybody gets there every now and then and here are some simple things I want to tell you when you feel like that right now (or ever again you know now how to find this post)

1.Just because you will find on Facebook only positive posts and success stories doesn’t mean they never have to fight or live through a hard time. Just nobody would share it. You will only see one side of the medal online – don’t compare that shiny side to your dark side.

2. You are the only one who can be you. Don’t try to be someone else, that wont work anyway. Just be yourself, bundle your talents and be YOUnique and you will create a brand that comes from your heart and is unique. Don’t copy other’s styles it wont help you as you would just be their copy. Being yourself and creating your business based on your talent is something nobody else can do !

3. Your network and how you treat the people around you will differentiate you a lot from all these other photographers sitting in the same pond with you. Meet people, share knowledge, help each other that will create your little universe where you are just yourself and where you are not seen as one of many but just as you.

You are the only one with your talent, now be yourself and share with others !

PS Now I am going to bookmark this post myself so I can read it again when I feel like a failure.

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