Is a blog the only way to show your recent work ?

Last Tuesday we had the first wedding photographer meetup in Münster. I was super excited who would come and happy to see more than ten photographers show up at Alex Brasserie. It was a mixed group which I loved and we talked about photograhpy, about business about wedding planners and about social media.

The social media discussion became quite a heated debate as several different point of views met each other. And I couldn’t get that discussion out of my head the last days and one question kept spinning and spinning around. In modern times like today do you need a blog or can you present your work continuously without ? We got to that point during our discussion because people mentioned that I blog quite a lot lately but they don’t because : they don’t have the time/ the don’t have topics to talk about/ they don’t want to share personal stuff on their blog/ their clients don’t allow blogging the wedding images/ they don’t see a need to feed their blog. I think these are all good reasons to not blog but why would you have a blog then ? My point of view is that you don’t need a blog. Just have a blog if you want to blog, if you want to write and if you want to do it regularly. Regularly doesn’t mean daily but if you decide to blog once a week than do it once a week and don’t stop for a month and restart blogging every now and then. If you don’t like to write why would you have a blog ? There are other ways to only show recent weddings. If you are just having your blog to show your wedding work but you don’t like writing and you don’t blog more often than three times a year then think about galleries for each single wedding instead of a blog.

To see what I mean have a look at my the website of my friends Anouschka. . On her website she shows featured wedding galleries to show her work. She is also blogging, but for those of you who don’t like blogging these type of galleries could be a way to show your work without a blog.

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On our website under the „Galleries“ link you will find something similar. We show three weddings as examples and the link go straight to the blogpost of the wedding.


photography tips wedding photographer jennifer hejna_0001My point is : Don’t just have a blog because everyone has one. Don’t try to write if you don’t like it.  Be you and do what suits you and your website. How can you present your work the best ? These are just some ideas that I got. They might not be the best choice for you but think about if a common blog is the only way to show weddings.

PS What if you just call your „BLOG“ link „recent weddings“ or „portfolio“ ? Wouldn’t that be different and maybe a bit crazy but nobody would expect anything else than to find recent weddings when they open that page. Nobody would expect a normal blog and complain that you didn’t write it the past 3 months ?