Brand experience – La Dress

For at least four years I was checking their website weekly (sometimes even daily). Just to look at their beautiful dresses and imaginary choose one that I would buy. Choosing a dress that would be the perfect dress for me day and night comfortable and sophisticated, elegant but not robe.

La Dress offers the perfect dress for every woman. They say about their dresses that they fit flawlessly and feel heavenly.  Each dress in their collection is a classic that you’ll mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe and love for years to come. – I couldn’t be more excited about their philosophy and style.

So finally after glancing for many years at the website and admiring those beautiful dresses I made an appointment at their showroom to try on some dresses and find MY perfect dress.

Their showroom is much alike their website. Everything is white and on the wall hangs a huge white logo. Malou the salesmanager was wearing a dress from La Dress herself which showed how much the employees stand behind their brand. My friend Natali and me both tried on different dresses and we both found different dresses that fitted our different body types perfectly. We bought them and instead of just putting the dresses into a plastic bag Malou wrapped the beautifully into silk paper, a huge carboard box and a sleek paperbag with their logo on every little item. I felt glorious leaving their showroom with my bag in my hand. Having the perfect brand experience and my perfect little dress.

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