British German wedding at Hof zur Linde

When a couple comes to meet with us mostly the first question is „How did you two meet“ and then I am glued to their lips for their love story. As you know I am all about stories and love stories are my favorite stories.

When I asked Verena and George the question. It was a super cute – destiny is screaming kind of story. Both were studying abroad in Spain and while going on a weekend trip on a bus she sat down in the row behind him. He turned around and offered her some shortbread… I mean how much more romantic can this story start?

Their wedding day was equally romantic in the beautiful Apostel Church in Münster. And I remember the words of their priest holding the ceremony as if it was yesterday.

„Let everything you do, be done with love.“

So with further words about this beautiful day, just scroll down and enjoy the wedding of Verena and George. And remember the words… Let everything you do, be done with love.

PS: This is the blog of Verena.


Wedding location: Hof zur Linde

Church: Apostel Kirche Münster

Bridal shoes: Michael Kors

Hair and Make-up: Aus der Wieschen

Fotografie: Jennifer Hejna