Dear Photographer…

Dear Photographer,

Can I invite you to follow me on a little journey? I warn you in advance, it might be a tough journey but I am sure you will like the destination we are going to.

Stop looking to the right and left.

Start being yourself and other’s will look at you.

Start a website that reflects what you are and what you like, don’t follow someone else’s vision.

Create a portfolio that you truly love, every-single-image. Take all the fuss that has-to-be-there from your site.

Think about why you have a blog and if the reason is „Because everybody else has.“ The stop it. You can also be unique be just doing what you love and if blogging isn’t part of it than just create great galleries to show your work.

Break the rules, create great images, show your work and be yourself.

Your clients will love you for it and book you for who you are. Instead of someone who showcases what everyone else shows, just because he thinks he has to show what everyone else shows to be like the photographer next to him.



jennifer hejna portrait photographer_0002