The fragrance of freedom

Do you know the feeling when you connect something with a scent?

Before I started my own business as a photographer, I was working in marketing of an international cosmetics company. I could never become enthousiastic for make-up and cosmetics  – my favorite products were the fragrances.

With every fragrance that I associate a story, memory or a feeling.  L’eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake I got as a gift from my mother before I moved to Paris. It was autumn in Paris and I was living for the first time in a capital city and I was working for the first time in a big international company. When I wear it today then I feel autumn in Paris. I see the leaves flying through the city and the rain washes away summer. I feel the feeling of my first working day. I see myself standing there in my new suit getting to know the science of international marketing in French language. I feel the melancholy of this particular time  again when I wear the fragrance. An absolute winter and autumn fragrance for me.

CkIN2U by Calvin Klein was also a gift from my mother. It was a thank-you-gift because I was looking after my little stepsister (she is now busy with her drivers license – time flies ) while they were on vacation. This fragrance is for the summer. It remembers me of shopping trips that end up on a terrace in the sun, barbecues with friends and the feeling of summer.

Hugo woman by Hugo Boss  has not been a gift from my mother – I’ve bought it with my first salary. This scent is simply my jeans fragrance – you can practically wear it for anything but it fits best with jeans and All-Stars.

And then my Daisy. Daisy by Marc Jacobs is one of my newest fragrances. I bought him last year after I quit my day-job to start my company full time. It is therefore not surprising that this fragrance for me is the scent of freedom. I wear it almost on every wedding because for me it is also the frangrance of my company. I love the subtle perfume that it has and the good feeling it gives me every time I wear it.

A fragrance is something very special. It reminds us of feelings and moments – I hope with my photography I can keep feelings and emotions alive to be rememberd forever but I am sure : none of my pictures can revive the feelings of a bride like the fragrance that she is wearing on her wedding day can. When I ever get married, I’m going to buy me a perfume just for this day to be able to relive all my life the joy and excitement of the day.

What were your wedding fragrances and which perfume gives you a certain feeling ?