An engagement in Bad Bentheim | Uwe and Bianca

I met Uwe in 2004 in my 3-week-Dutch-course that I needed to start my studies in the Netherlands. From the first day, his student home and our student house were friends for the whole time of our studies. Looking back and at those old pictures I can just smile and see what a great time we had during our studies.

After we finished our studies in 2008 we lost contact but thanks to Facebook in nowadays people never really lose contact and then in January 2017, I got a message from Uwe telling me that he was about to get married and if we would photograph his wedding. He and his wonderful girlfriend Bianca came over to just discuss a few things around the wedding and we ended up chatting all evening till 11 pm – it was just as much fun and familiar as it was when we were students.

I can already tell you that the wedding of Bianca and Uwe was one of my favorite’s in 2017 but here to start with, are their engagement pictures from last summer.