Engagement session in Münster | Anne & Sebastian

When we met up with Anne and Sebastian for their engagement session in Münster they brought us real Belgian pralines. Living in Belgium this was not a big surprise you would say but receiving an unexpected gift is always a surprise to me ! And while I write these words these little pralines wander one after the other into my stomach. These two really know the way to my little photographer heart.

These two are getting married at Hof zur Linde this summer and are planning their wedding all on their own from Brussels. I am happy to help with recommendations for vendors but getting everything done and organized from such a distance really amazes me.

For their session we walked around the ice cold city center of Münster. Do you know those few days in May right before the heat starts it gets really really cold ? Well we got one of those days. Luckily it didn’t rain and so we searched for a nice and warm coffee house to have some hot green tea, warm up, take some more pictures and talk about the wedding.

Anne and Sebastian we are so looking forward to photograph your black tie wedding in September.