Engagement Shoot in Münster | Julia & Karsten

Engagement sessions are so much fun to do. You can dress up as you like just be yourself, you can choose different backgrounds or walk around a whole city. All things that are often not possible on a wedding day. Having an engagement session is fun and you will receive some beautiful images BEFORE the wedding – like you are – not like bride and groom. And of course one more benefit – you can already experience what it means to be in front of the camera.

Sometimes you meet couples and it clicks right away. And sometimes this can lead into a very long introduction meeting. When I met Julia and Karsten we met for three hours without any silence – we just chatted away and drank mint tea (at least I was). Today I want to introduce you to this super fun couple that already got their engagement shooting in September – but you already recognized that I am a little behind on blogging aren’t you ? We captured their engagement shoot all around Münster as they live together in this beautiful city. I can’t wait to photograph their creative wedding at the Kaseinwerk in May ! To share a little of my anticipation with you here is their engagement shoot.

Make-up and Hair: Daniela Plesser

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