Everything new means back to classic

This journey took me a year, maybe even longer. My previous website went live in June 2011 and since then I evolved and developed a more specific style of wedding photography. The more my photography changed the more I craved for a website and blog that fitted better to this new style. Last year I attended the workshop „Walk through a wedding“ from Justin and Mary and that got me thinking even more why I was doing what I am doing and how this should reflect in my site. I sat down writing everything that inspired me and that was just „me“ and what I wanted my images to reflect. I created a pinterest board with all my inspiration for the new brand. I also started pinning images that truly inspired me and made my heart jump.
Words that came up during this period were: Paris, black and white, classic, character portrait, elegance, style, timeless, epic.
Then I started planning a styled shoot. A shoot where I could just let my inspiration flow. You might know that shoot from the blog as I already posted it a long time ago.
It was a styled shoot in Paris showing two brides (two beautiful women) in Paris. We had found the perfect setting and the perfect light to create exactly that look that I wanted to create. Thanks to the fantastic vendors that came with me to Paris and helped with their products and planning.

jennifer-hejna_564 hochzeitsfotograf jennifer hejna wedding photographer branding_0044

I was in heaven. I knew where I wanted to go I just had to let my inspiration flow to create something that made my heart jump as much as all the pictures I pinned on Pinterest before. I felt relieved and my mind opened up to „MY STYLE“ of photography.

In the next step I created my new logo. Inspired by the colors that inspired my clothes (!) ,my furniture and all things around me I defined what I already knew deep in my heart: my new colors.
I pretty liked the font I used before and I also really liked the hand drawn „j“ and „h“ that I am using since many years. So I just recreated my logo.

hochzeitsfotograf jennifer hejna wedding photographer branding_0050

Based on my new logo I created brand elements for stickers and compliment cards to send. I loved how all this came together. I created a full brand sheet for all future products and communication to come.

hochzeitsfotograf jennifer hejna wedding photographer branding_0051

After the wedding season I started on the biggest part: the new website. I had a vision in my head but making a vision come true is quite hard :-) I hope you like how it all came out – my new online presence.


Special thanks go to the team of iaan van Niekerk at ++- who helped me with all the technical problems, struggles and extra wishes I had to realize this site. If you are searching for a design and development team for your site or are definitely at a good address at ++- .