„What if I fall?“ – „Oh my darling, What if you fly?“

Being self-employed is scary. This is the open and unromantic truth. The first years you have to fight to get a standing, a branding, clients and a network.

You will find yourself fighting your to-do list of accounting, blogging, networking, social media, client meetings, follow-ups, creating marketing and updating your website and thinking at the end of the day „Did I accomplish anything today?“ In the battle of getting financial independent and standing on your own feet instead of listening to a boss that you don’t like and who get’s paid for your work you will have sleepless nights of looking at the ceiling of your bedroom thinking about how to pay the rent next month. The medal always has two sides doesn’t it? And then you wake up the next morning after two hours of restless sleep in your yoga pants with a coffee in your hand behind your home office desk and wonder „Why is this all so hard? Why did I start? What if it never get’s better? What if I fall?“

And right there I want to sit beside you behind your desk in my yoga pants and hug you really really tight and tell you

„What if you fall? Oh my darling, What if you fly?“ 


what if i fall. oh my darling, what if you fly?_0001



PS: I found this quote the other day on Pinterest and wonder who the author is. If you know don’t hesitate to tell me!