Featured Friday: Jose Story | Stijlvol Groen

It is again the first Friday of the month and so I want to introduce you to a very inspiring  woman . I met Jose in late June for a wonderful lunch. We had coffee and lunch and chatted about life and business and Jose told me  enthusiastically about her work and her passion for flowers.

Jennifer: What kind of company do you have and what makes your company unique ?
Jose: (charmingly laughing) I call my own company „one-woman-business“ I make customized flower arrangements for companies and individual customers. (Her eyes begin to shine even more) I want to amaze and surprise people with my floral creations.Jennifer: When did you start your own business?
José (takes a sip of her coffee): I started my company in March 2008. Previously I was a management assistant but at one point I had to change something in my life. Flowers have always inspired me. I already gave workshops for Christmas and Easter floral decorations. I quit my job and I started for myself. The first assignment I received from the Dom Hogeschool (a University) to create  the flower styling for their 125 years existence . This was a great first job. I now work for companies and individuals and I like  the combination very much.In the meantime we get our fabulous lunch salads. We enjoy our food and keep on chatting. 

Jennifer: What distinguishes you from the other florists?
José (begins to smile and shine again – this enthusiasm is really contagious): If I make the flower arrangements for a wedding couple than I look at each couple individually. I look at them, the clothes and jewellery to choose flowers that really suit them. I give suggestions for other wedding  decorations so everything fits together. I think it is very important to always deliver flower arrangements by myself – just if it is not too far away. But I find it very nice to see the groom in the morning and give him his corsage and hand over the bridal bouquet.  These are the best moments, this is what I do it for, for love …!
While we enjoy our coffee José tells more about her other projects. She organizes monthly an „Open Coffee“ in IJsselsein, a network meeting for companies from the region.
I’m very proud to present you José Story and her company „Stjlvol Groen“ on my blog. If I would not just sit on my own in my little office I owuld definetly  have a flower subscription to enjoy her beautiful work ever day and to experience her philosophy „Celebrate Life“. Visit her website to see her wonderful work.