Finds Part 1


This little series was on my mind for quite a while. A series to show you my new finds, the books I read, people that inspired me, the music I listened and couldn’t get out of my head. Basically the little things that made my week just a bit better, fun and interesting.

So here is to the little finds, the salt in my daily soup.


When the carousel of to-do lists keeps me from falling asleep I add them to my Wunderlist.


I just cannot get this song out of my head and I listen to it in the office as loud as possible. (so switch it on before you keep reading)


I am obsessed with Rebecca Louise and her workouts. Seriously do them. Once the pain is gone you will feel so much better and strong.


This book  is my find of the month.


I get inspired by the inspired women series on her blog.


Have a great week :-)

jennifer hejna_0002