Being grateful today

Yesterday we sat in the garden of my father with a glass of wine waiting for midnight as he turned 60 today. It was a beautiful nice summer evening and we joked and laughed about his birthday stories as he was born when the German soccer team became world champion for the first time, turned 20 in the year they became champion the second time, when he turned 30 I was just born, when he turned 40 he ran out of beer during his big birthday party and this year when he turns 60 the German soccer team became world champion for the 4th time.

When it turned midnight we embraced each other and he lifted his champagne glass and said „Let’s be thankful that I am able to celebrate my 60th birthday today as so many of my friends didn’t have the chance.“ It was a bittersweet moment as we remembers all his friends who already died before turning 60 and clinked glasses to his wise words.

His words are in my head the whole morning and I am so thankful today that I can celebrate my father’s 60th birthday, that my parents and Conrad’s parents are all healthy and we can enjoy this life together. For everybody of you out there who misses one or even both parents my thoughts are with you. And for everybody who still has one or two parents go to meet them today and give them a big big hug, we can be so grateful that we have them in our lives.


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Me and Papa / photocredit ? I guess my mom :-)