Birgit & Peter | Rain on your wedding day means luck during the marriage

I can’t believe it is October as I was enjoying 25 degrees this week and so much sun. When I then remember some weddings back in June where we had not even 20 degrees and the whole day of rain I can just shake my head. One of those rainy weddings was the wedding of Birgit and Peter. I loved being part of their special day and I loved so many things about it that I don’t know where to start. Well first of all I knew those two a long time and we met regularly during the last years on other weddings that I photographed. They are a lovely couple and they are so in love that it is just fun to capture them. This wedding took place in Havixbeck which is the village I come from and I love being there for at least one wedding per year. And as I was part of this day for 16 hours so will find here more pictures then usually.

Birgit and Peter I loved being part of your wedding day and to be allowed to capture every tiny moment of it. You know what they are saying: Rain on your wedding day means luck during your whole marriage.

PS I just loooooooved Birgit’s long Italian veil.

PPS People wrote me to ask for pictures of the celebration at night – so here you go party pics !!! ;-)



I feel so blessed that I was allowed to capture their 3 weddings in the past years.

















What a veil…. what a beautiful bride.






A small anecdote for everybody who read so far…. I was baptised and received the sacrament of Communion  in this church.







































Location: Gasthaus Elfers in Stevern

Bridal Gown: Marylise

Rings: selfmade at Asante in Osnabrück