How to stop feeling jealous

It is snowing in October… Just a week ago we walked outside with just a long sleeve on but today the world has changed and it decided it was time for winter. Sitting here all wrapped up in my poncho behind my desk I have to think about this year so far and how exciting it was for us. It was a rollercoaster and the dark shadows under my eyes kind of emphasize this crazy ride. But though feeling tired and fighting a cold every other week I have a state of content in my heart that I never felt before. I have less sleepless nights, less worries and there is one big change that I grew into: I don’t feel jealous anymore. Jealousy is something evil that eats you from the inside and that does only one thing: it makes you feel small.

Here are my three steps for you to stop feeling jealous.

Focus on yourself

The more you focus on yourself and the less you look at others or get influenced by others the more you will find your own path of joy and success. If there is anybody in your newsfeed on Instagram or Facebook who just makes your heart and stomach cramp with jealousy then just unfollow them. It is not about them, it is about you. The more negative feelings they occur in yourself the less you can focus on the positive things in your life and in your business.

Feel happy for others

When you see the successes of others look at it as if you were a good friend of them. Wouldn’t you feel happy for your friend for just be successful, travel the world, looking absolutely stunning today, getting the best bookings or having a living a happy content life? Look at it from that point of you and be happy for those people that would cause you feeling jealous. The happy feeling will make yourself feel better instead of a negative feeling that eats you from the inside. Just profit from the success of others to create a happy friendly feeling.

Make somebody else feel happy and loved

Just leave a nice, honest comment on somebody’s post. You never know how somebody feels from the inside because what social media shows us can be everything. Leave a nice but honest post on somebody else’s success post. Complimenting and encouraging other’s  will make you happy and content too.

Be positive

JUST.BE.POSITIVE. this is not always easy, I know but the more you try it the easier it will become. Conrad’s mum tried to teach us to see the positive in every failure of our life year’s ago. Often in the beginning we couldn’t believe what she was saying when we lost our house in the Netherlands for instance. What could be positive about it? Today we can see that the lost house lead us back to Germany living close to our families. Every failure has a positive side too: it will open new opportunities, new chances, it will teach you new things, it will make you meet different people. Just try to be as positive as you can and your overall feeling for your life and the world around you will shift. The Universe will see that you are ready to receive positive things and believe me: good things will happen to you.