I AmSterdam – Chris & Jam

Chris and Jam contacted me back in the summer of 2012 to capture their engagement in Amsterdam. I would have loved to captured their wedding in November as well but I was already booked to photograph another beautiful wedding. We met a day in advance to discuss all the details at Starbucks and they told me about their life their love and their passion for running marathons. The next day we met in the city center of Amsterdam and like my usual love shoots in Amsterdam we just walked through the city to capture them and the essence of Amsterdam. We were so lucky that the „I AmSterdam“ sign was standing in front of the Hermitage museum so we could include it in our shoot. Together with Katie Larcombe, the make up artist, we had so much fun and just a marvelous time together ending the shoot like I prefer in a little Café with a hot chocolate or a nice coffee latte.

Chris and Jam it was a pleasure to capture you and discover Amsterdam together again.

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