I sing you a lovesong … | Dinah & Christoph

Dinah booked me 1,5 years before their wedding with the words „I so want to book you for my wedding day. I was looking at your website even before he proposed and just waited for the proposal to contact you.“

How can I not be more than thrilled to photograph a wedding of a couple that is so enthusiastic about my work. They got married in September last year – it was not the most beautiful day of the year in fact it was even raining a little. But Dinah and Christoph couldn’t care less – they were getting married and that was everything that counted on their day.

As both are opera singers the day was filled with beautiful classic music during the ceremony, reception and dinner. Their passion for music brought them together and with the first dance, the waltz, they surprise all their guests. They were not dancing to a classing „Vienna waltz“. They were dancing to Adele’s „One and Only“ and I just can’t stop from feeling the joy and love of their wedding day again every time I listen to it.

Thank you both so much for booking me as your wedding photographer – it was a huge honour and great pleasure to capture your special day.

Hair and Make-Up: weiperfriseure

Wedding Location: Ackermann

DJ: dj de bug


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