It is the small changes that will lead up to your big dream

The few days between the holidays are called over here the days between the years. I like that thought as it gives me the impression I have a few days to breathe between two years. During those days I think about the past year, the moments the people and of course my goals. Did I accomplish any of them? Did anything change? I also sit down and write down some goals for the new year. I try not to make the resolutions that are impossible to reach like: loosing 20 kilos, traveling the whole world or changing my complete lifestyle. I try to make it small bits that are easy to reach and lead me up to a big goal. At once it doesn’t seem so unrealistic anymore. At the same time I write down my big, hairy, incredible goals for my business and my life. And somehow I might realize that those very small steps are the first steps to realize these dreams. Realize that nobody is in the way between you and your dreams – it is just in your head. Go and write down those very small steps today. What is the first step to your biggest dream in the world? What exactly is your biggest dream? Traveling the world – you might want to start to plan your trip and see what would be your dream trip. Starting your own business – you might want to start writing a small business plan, one page for now is enough. Loosing that extra weight on your hips – you might want to plan your food for this week and plan time to workout every other day. You want to photograph a styled shoot in Tuscany – you might want to start researching locations and contacting other vendors.  You want to fall in love – well by sitting behind your desk and reading this blog I can assure you you wont find the love of your life. Go out there, meet people or even sign up for a match maker site, just don’t stop before you started.

And then this morning my daily dose of inspiration arrived in my inbox and I knew I needed to share it with you:

People are afraid of big changes, but usually embrace little changes. The best thing about little changes is they add up to one big one.  – Simon Sinek