Juist – 48 hours in iPhone pictures

Guess where I am ? I am on a ferry boat on my way back from the island Juist. We have just spent two days there to photograph the engagement session of our wonderful wedding couple Patrice and Sascha and their super cute little dog Eddy (images follow soon ;-) ). Here is a little selection of our personal iPhone favourites from the past 48 hours and five facts about Juist why you shouldn’t miss to visit this small island.

There is a ferry boat going to Juist one time a day, which means the coastline of 17km of beach and dunes will never be crowded.
There are no cars allowed on the island.You will get used to driving by horse coach again or just take a bike with a little trailer to transport your luggage and visit the small island. Can you imagine you wake up to the sound of horses instead of cars on the street ?
The ferry ride is 1,5 hours. You will calm down immediately and arrive on the island already relaxed.
The island is 17km long but only 900 meter wide (at the widest point) so you can smell and see the sea from everywhere. This also means that if you enjoy a nice run in the morning (like I do) you can get quickly to the beach from each Hotel and apartment on the island. I never felt more energized after my morning run than on this island.
At all islands you will get fresh fish in every restaurant. If you like the hanseatic way of living and eating you will definitely enjoy the culinary highlights in those few restaurants.