Keepsakes tour recap

There have already been some posts on the blog about the Keepsakes tour in March and I promise this will be the last one.

Travelling with Justin and Mary Marantz and Philip Landerer for 8 days was fun, it was intense, it was good food and wine, it was a different Hotel every second night, it was thinking in two languages, it was five different cities and it was five people in a van. I enjoyed this intense time a lot and I learned a lot from those people traveling with me and the tour itself. With these images of our last day off in Stuttgart I want to tell you a little about what I learned and what really reached my heart these days.

1. No matter what you do you should always start with why. And for that you should watch this ted talk. 

2. When you are working as a couple together your highest priority should always be: BE IN LOVE

3. Inspire others and you will get inspired. The more you are sharing and giving the more you will get back.

4. Be kind, no matter how unfriendly or harsh somebody else is towards you.

5. Believe in yourself. Because you are the only one who can be you. You have a lot more to give than you are believing right now.