Life changes – Our new studio

In December we have been one week on vacation to Gran Canaria and I wrote down some goals. One of it was „ I have a dream of a studio. A studio where people meet. Where people come in as clients, as friends as business partner enjoying the atmosphere, having a seat chanting and laughing….“ I wanted a place where I go to in the morning to work but that feels like home as I spend there so much time and a place where I can meet wedding clients in a wonderful atmosphere, where I can control the surrounding opposed to a café. I had a studio space before but it was too small to work from there too and so in January we found this place.

I waited for this post for more than a month because I wanted the studio to look perfect. I wanted every wall and corner to be finished. Today I just set behind my desk enjoyed the spring sun and tulips on my desk and thought „Maybe it doesn’t need to be perfect to show the world our new office/meeting space called „the studio““ So here it is the place where I sit and work and write and edit. The place where we dream and make those dreams come true. Welcome to our new studio though there are still some walls and corners that need to be designed.

Desk: Yellow Möbel

Sofa: second hand

Mirror, picture wall, photo frames: IKEA

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