My life on instagram

Do you know the feeling of your life just running faster than you can run ? Sometimes I feel that way when it is Monday AGAIN and April AGAIN and I feel: „Wait it has just been new year’s eve.“ On days like these – like today I am glad we have a modern gadget to remember small moments: Instagram. I mean it seriously when I scroll through my instagram feed I can remember my life the past months and then I am happy that I took the effort to post those images of a picture that I colored with my niece, of the sushi we cooked ourselves for the first time, I am glad I even post some outfits because I can remember those dates. Life is full of precious moments – let’s capture them ! On instagram, on film on your point and shoot – whatever you prefer just don’t forget otherwise you will forget so much.

Here is just a glimpse in to the past months of ours. If you want to follow a long regularly head over to instagram and follow me !


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