A little reminder: Please vote for my image

This is just a little reminder post. I think it is so exciting that one of my images has been nominated again for the BFA this year and being the only German who is nominated I truly need every single vote for my image. So if you haven’t done it yet or you are just right now sitting at your work being bored please head over to the website of the BFA and vote for my image. I really appreciate every single vote :-) You can vote until May 15th.

Please go to the website of the magazine and vote for my image ! Just click the link here.

The website is in Dutch and I hope you will find your way. If you are not a photographer you click “Bruidsparen” and if you are a photographer you just click “Collega-Fotografen”.


If you open the website in a Google Chrome browser you can use the “translate” option and the website will be easily translated in your language.

You have to chose 2 images in each category and for non-photographers you need to choose a wedding date in the future.