What we love: BBQ with friends

Do you remember your grand parents picture books ? I do remember those books of my grandparents. Apparently they took a lot of pictures back in the 70s and 80s. They have spent a lot of time with their friends and they had a passion that we share: BBQ. Since we moved back to our home town in December 2012 we enjoy being so close to our friends that we can just stop by spontaneously and have a bbq with them. Back when we lived in Holland and they lived in Germany it was a ton of planning of organizing and scheduling as we were just sometimes home and had the agenda full of weddings, clients and family appointments. I would say it is one of the greatest gifts to have friends living close by. When they have a big garden and a nice bbq it is even better. So as soon as the weather is nice we go there and have an evening with good meat, salads, bread and beer.

So here are some images from our picture book.

I wanted to be in the picture too. So if you think I would just pretend to take care of the bbq you are right.

Do you know what real best friends do ? They set the paprika aside instead of putting the into the salad because one person (me) just doesn’t like them.