Maternity session around the castle | Tabea and Christian

It was end of May when I had the chance to meet Tabea and Christian again. You might know them from their wedding in 2011 or their anniversary shoot last year. Isn’t it such a pleasure to tell a love story of a couple starting with a wedding and continue telling it with their maternity shoot? We met close to their new home where they moved to have some space for Baby Sophia. We walked around the near by castle, had some coffee in their winter garden and ended the shoot on their new couch (that I absolutely love! ).

Tabea had asked „Die Florale Manufaktur“ to create a flower crown for her that just fitted her blue maxi dress perfectly.

Tabea and Christian I hope these images always remind you of this special time in your lives where you were waiting for Sophia to arrive. That little girl is such a lucky girl being born into your family and having you two as her parents.

Flower Crown: Die Florale Manufaktur

Monogrammed pillow: Mein Monogramm

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