May 23rd 2014 – A love letter

Wow how to start this post. It is going to be a personal one. I have love around me every day as a wedding photographer. It is my life and it is my work and I love to hear these love stories from my couples over and over again but when it comes to our story I sit silently behind my desk and smile and remember and I just don’t find the words. So this post is dedicated to my love: to Conrad.

I was 17 and you were 21. It was the 23rd of May 2002, today 12 years ago when we sat together holding hands and decided we just didn’t want to be without each other anymore. That being a couple would make us a lot happier than being separated from each other. That this evening where we were hiding from the rain in a telephone booth and waited together was more than just two friends talking, there was more. A sparkle, a smile, an attraction and a type of mutual understanding that nobody else would get but us. We made up our own jokes, we created our own little world like a little bubble where we were just us two together.

The carefree time lasted for six months. Your illness was our first battle and back then we didn’t know how it would influence our lives and how often we would have to fight it. Looking back I am sure we both know that those time have been the hardest. You being in the clinic me being at home. I am not sitting here to write how hard the time has been I just want to write how great the past 12 years have been. No matter how long we have been separated due to studies or jobs I knew my home was where you were.   No matter how often I got to the station with the train that brought me away from you I knew you were waiting there for me to come back the next Friday night. . No matter how different we are we combine our different qualities to form one strengths. Thank you for being my home, for changing your life plans and coming with me abroad, for eating fish (!) , for learning Dutch to build up a life. Thank you for joining me in my little business and being with me in this adventure. I love to share these moments with you, for making new plans and talking till midnight.

And when we are home again after a day of working and visions thank you for being my home again for taking me into your arms, watching series on our little white couch, having a red wine and being back in the bubble: just us two together.

picture by mike larson - jennifer hejna photography_0001

picture by Mike Larson