A few months ago we decided to start mentoring other photographers. As I studied business and marketing, talking about a small businesses and finding new ways and strategies for them is something I really love to do. If my heart was a medal photography would be on one side and business specially marketing would be on the other side. Next to a six month mentor programme we also offer a half day mentor sessions. If you didn’t read about this earlier on my blog mentor sessions are made for two photographers coming into our studio on one day. We start with one mentor session in the morning, each session takes three hours. Around noon we will have lunch together followed by a head shot session where we first photograph the first photographer and then photograph the second photographer. Each time I can explain the other photographer how I find lights and how I pose for portraits. After these mini portrait session we start with the three hour mentor session of the second photographer. During these sessions Conrad and me are an open book and the photographers can ask everything. We love to share and we love to think with you about new ideas and possibilities for your business.

Last week we had Anna Haas and Dorothea End over to our studio. They two are friends and decided to book these mentor sessions together. They both attended both mentor sessions to also learn from the other photographer’s business. The first three hours with Anna flew by and we were so surprised when we recognized that three hours were already over. After lunch and the portrait session we changed and talked about Dorothea’s business. The second half of the day was as effective and fun as the first part and just over in a blink.

It was a great day and I am so excited where these two are heading with their businesses. At the end of the day I really needed some tea as my throat was quite sore from speaking but I loved every second of coaching other photographers this day.

If you are interested in a mentor session just write us an email for the next available dates.

Here are some results from our mini portrait session.