The last years as a wedding photographer I saw an interesting trend. Though only the marriages of my friends got me thinking about it. Less and less women change there names after they are married. Why is that ? Most of them said to me when I asked them „Oh I don’t see the need to change my name now but when we get children, then I will change my name.“ When I look back at my parents and their families (my father having three sisters and my mother having three brothers and four sisters) everybody who is married changed their name. Even those who got married more than once changed their names several times. Is it just fashion to not change the name or is it a result of our generation and the emancipation ?

I would really love to hear your opinion on this topic. Did you change your name or would you change your name ? Doesn’t it feel strange to be married though having two names or is it even more strange to change your surname at once ? I am not married but name change has always been an interesting topic for me so I hope you can tell me what your thoughts are.