During the last years as a wedding photographer, an interesting trend I noticed. But it was the wedding of my friends have made me think more seriously about it. Fewer and fewer women change their name after marriage. Why is that? Most of them said to me: „Well, I see at the moment is no need to change my name, but if we have children then I’ll change it.“ If I look at my own parents and her family (my father has three sisters and my mother has three brothers and four sisters) then each one has changed their name after marriage. Even those who have married more than once, have changed its name several times. Is it not to change his name just fashion? Or is it our generation and to the emancipation?

I would really like to hear your opinion on this topic. Have you changed your name or will you change it? Does not it feel strange to be married and to have two last names? Or is it even stranger suddenly to change his own surname? I myself am not married yet but the topic name change has always interested me and so I hope that you will write me your thoughts.