New brochure by Jennifer Hejna Photography | Portrait and Wedding Photography

Two weeks ago I have participated at a small fair of weiper friseure in Germany. Like usual I get the best ideas to present myself just two days before the event. So I ordered new brochures to show my portrait and wedding photography work. As I could have expected the brochures arrived a day too late and I was forced to work with business cards and a slideshow which worked out great.

I already expected them to arrive a little late so I kept them as simple as possible, suitable for international use for any occasion. I really like the end result. Just photography in a clean and simple design. One brochure shows my portrait work and the other brochure shows my wedding photography. I wanted to keep it separate as those are two total different sections within my little company.  I think they perfectly represent my brand and will be great to hand out to people in the future.

Here is a little peek for those of you who didn’t see them yet.