NEW : the posing guide

WE are so excited to share with you our newest add-on to the webshop: the posing guide for creating connection – English and Posing guide, Fang die Emotion ein – Deutsch.

After years of shoots and weddings we decided it was about time to put all our experiences and tricks into one guide and offer it for other photographers. This guide should help you to feel confident before the couple session, to break the ice and start relaxed into the session, to get authentic and relaxed images that will show intimacy and love instead of posed and stiff images.

What can you expect from my posing guide?

  • the 3 main rules to couple posing
  • how to break the ice and to start the session relaxed
  • how to create variation in your posing
  • how to create connection between those two people in front of your camera
  • how to create the official wedding picture
  • some of our favorite poses
  • how to incorporate a flow into a full shoot
  • how to create a relaxed couple shoot if you just have 10 minutes on the wedding day
  • our key tip to creating a connection between two people in front of the camera


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