New year’s resolutions

Do you know what this season is best for? It is the season to cuddle up under your favorite blanket to sip a cup of tea/coffee/chocolate and to take your favorite notebook with your favorite pen (or in my case my favorite pencil) and write. This is the season to write down what wen wrong and what went right this summer. „Well,“ you might say ,“it is not the end of the year yet. I can still do that around Christmas.“ And you turn down your book and start watching your favorite series on Netflix. Of course you could wait until Christmas to reflect on your year but here are three reasons you should do it NOW and don’t wait until Christmas.

  1. Now you still have two months left till Christmas to make a change. Write down what you would do differently and DO IT. Even if you don’t have any more weddings to photograph there is still a lot you can change now to make an impact on your business (e.g. portfolio, website, communication, marketing, networking… just to give you a few points)
  2. Around Christmas you might have forgotten half of it because you can best reflect when it is still fresh and new in your head. Reflecting now will give you a lot more ideas than trying to remember your summer and what could be better.
  3. January is the best month for new resolutions… that are never realized! Each and every year millions of people have new year’s resolutions on the 1st of January like eating healthier, working harder, going to the gym that are already forgotten by February 1st that it is best to think about change or improvement when you are not in a radical state of mind of changing everything for the new year. Be realistic and improve now and leave all those resolutions that are never realized for January…

I will cuddle up now under my new monogrammed navi blue blanket (if you want a sneek peak on how it looks click here), sip my cup of tea and start writing.

Have a lovely weekend. Ours is the last wedding of 2015 tomorrow.